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Drivers being railroaded again with 20mph zones

The report that Northern Ireland road bosses "ignored majority opinion" to impose 20mph zones in Belfast city centre (News, February 13) does not surprise me.

Some years ago, I objected to the Road Service's plans to put traffic-calming measures on a road near my home. When I queried what history of accidents had precipitated the need for "traffic-calming", they stated that there had been two accidents involving personal injury, but that they had no details about the accidents.

In other words, they were proposing a "solution" without knowing whether it was relevant to events they were using to justify it.

To them, reducing speed was the key to improving road safety. Yet they seem stubbornly uninterested in "traffic-calming" the country roads where many of the most serious accidents occur.

This road now has humps. Often, when I walk this road, I hear the sound of scraping metal as cars pass over them.

These cars are not speeding - I estimate that many of them are travelling at the 20mph desired by the 'Northern Ireland Cycling Executive' and others. For how long must motorists put up with their cars being damaged by the Road Service, when recent experiments suggest that removing many of the lines, signs and other paraphernalia littering the modern road delivers the same desired result?



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