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Drivers, turn corners with a little courtesy

At the beginning of a new year, why not make a resolution to be more considerate to other road users?

I write, in particular, regarding the lack of courtesy from so many drivers who fail to give way to an approaching driver indicating their intention to turn right.

On numerous occasions, I have witnessed this lack of courtesy.

Sometimes, it may be a lone approaching vehicle indicating, but on other occasions I have witnessed a vehicle clearly indicating its intention and holding up a line of vehicles behind it being ignored by vehicle after vehicle in the approaching lane.

It only means giving up one car length in one's journey, but it is a regular happening, either through lack of courtesy, or lack of concentration.

Turning right on a road can often result in being rear-ended by a following driver who is not concentrating.

Your courtesy could save you and another unfortunate person becoming one more insurance claimant, or a serious injury, or loss-of-life statistic.


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