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Drones could monitor Irish border as part of Tory Brexit plan: Miliband

Darren McBride: What a load of utter nonsense. Neither the UK, nor Irish, government want a "hard" border and there won't be one. None of the people from the two jurisdictions wants one. It's not going to happen.

Mark McCoy: Hope they deservedly get taken out? Whatever happened to civil rights?

Neil Gillespie: Taken out by whom? The Irish military and their left-over rifles from the Easter Rising?

Mark McCoy: No, haven't you heard? Unlike certain other parties, they've decommissioned. Anyway, even the paranoid bigots should be against civil liberties being eroded.

Neil Gillespie: It's up to the UK Government to decide how it monitors its own borders, as it is, with the Irish Republic to monitor their side. But what civil liberties are being eroded? It's perfectly normal for countries across the world to guard their borders. Making something out of nothing.

David McKeown: So, the Irish defence force has decommissioned its weapons?

Mark McCoy: Not with drones. And was being mildly ironic (not that you'd understand).

Neil Gillespie: If you are really honest with yourself, you are more annoyed that there is a border in the first place, rather than drones hovering over it.

Sean McNally: Well, people on the border won't have to bother buying clay pigeons for a while.

Elizabeth Cody: I agree. Irish defence forces will have grade-A marksmen now.

Neil Gillespie: Are you suggesting that some Irish marksman will stand with a gun and take down an unmanned drone that can fly at such an altitude that it can't be seen, or heard?

Colm O'Hare: Partition created a hostile environment for the minority people, which in turn led to sectarian, bitter hatred. So, in my eyes, live and let live and unite all the people on this island.

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