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Drunk youths put my home city to shame

I AM from Belfast, but have been living in Norway these past 48 years. On a recent visit to Ireland, my son and grandchildren were with me and we hired a car in Dublin.

I took the family on what you could call a 'reminiscence' tour of east Belfast, where I once lived.

We ended up at the junction of Dee Street and the Newtownards Road and, standing on the corner, were around 20 youths drinking.

The lights were red, so we had to stop. One of the youths noticed the Irish registration plate on the car and started shouting abusive language.

It didn't take long for the rest of them to join in. They then started to gather around the car.

In the meantime, the lights had changed to green, but they were blocking the road and we could not get out.

I had to put the car in reverse and put the boot down to get away from them. Who knows what might have happened had I not done that.

It makes me ashamed to say I'm from Belfast. What would a 'proper' tourist think in the same situation?

The moral of the story is: don't drive an Irish-registered car on the Newtownards Road.


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