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Dump Nicholson at your peril

I HAVE been reading recent articles in the Press regarding Jim Nicholson MEP with a sense of deja vu.

Yet again, we appear to have people who are too scared to put their heads above the parapet, but feel the need to make mischief by criticising and secretly briefing against one of their own. Will these people never learn?

Mr Nicholson has spent years fighting Northern Ireland's corner in Europe. Along with Paisley and Hume he made the case for peace funding which has benefited many groups and communities.

In agriculture, too, he appears to have an influential role in the current negotiations, which is good for Northern Ireland, given how important farming is to us.

As the EU continues to grow in size, Northern Ireland will find it more difficult to make its voice heard. It should be clear for all to see that what we need in Europe is representation with the experience and influence Jim Nicholson has built up over many years.

Those apparently working to have Jim replaced at the next Euro election should be careful what they wish for.


Limavady, Co Londonderry


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