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DUP and SF guilty of rewriting history

The electorate have been told again that the upcoming Assembly election on March 2 will decide our future and is the most important in a generation. We have heard this all before, of course, but this time it could actually be true.

Suddenly, the DUP are trying to somehow convince the electorate that they are the strongmen of unionism, just weeks after the joint First Ministers were putting their names to Press statements telling everyone how well the DUP and Sinn Fein were working together in coalition. Who are they trying to kid?

Then, we have the ongoing attempts to rewrite history. For all the media plaudits that the MP for North Antrim received for his "statesmanlike" TV performance about the retirement of Martin McGuinness, the suggestion that Ian Paisley snr and McGuinness are the heroes of the "peace process" is a sick joke.

Ian Paisley MP says: "The remarkable journey that Martin McGuinness went on has not only saved lives, but has made the lives of countless people in Northern Ireland better."

How many lives would have been saved if he had not led a failed IRA terrorist campaign? Similar questions could be asked about the role Mr Paisley's late father played in fomenting the Troubles.

He made a career out of undermining unionist leaders, who sought to share power with constitutional, non-violent nationalists over four decades. The former MP for Larne, Bill Craig, was one of many who suffered this fate.

The fact is that the agreement that these two men came to in 2007 was available in 1969. Did thousands have to die so they could achieve political power?

The DUP and Sinn Fein must not be allowed to continue to rewrite history to suit their own selfish agendas.


Mid and East Antrim Borough Council


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