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DUP and SF will take us back to Dark Ages

It was reported recently in an English newspaper that the pilot of an incoming flight to Belfast airport announced: "We will be landing soon, so put your watches back 300 years."

A joke, maybe, but a typical reflection of the mindset that abounds about present-day Northern Ireland.

It is a mindset cultivated by two so-called 'political parties' - the DUP and Sinn Fein - now hibernating in Stormont.

As the RHI fiasco rears its head in the form of an investigation, we still await Arlene Foster's admission that, had she listened to Martin McGuinness' reasonable request that she step down temporarily, pending an inquiry, we would not be saddled with two parties, whose aspirations are not to take us back 300 years, but who appear to have their sights set on the Dark Ages.



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