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DUP candidates offer the voters nothing

According to our current (and clearly desperate) First Minister, there is nothing scarier for unionists than a Sinn Fein First Minister (Comment, May 4).

Now, I accept that it would be a body blow to the DUP to have to walk behind Sinn Fein and I accept that it would be very difficult for Mrs Foster to play second fiddle to anyone (Jeffrey found that out). But, in the words of the Queen: "Really? Please."

The really scary thing is that Mrs Foster is openly accepting that, on the basis of her presidential style of campaigning, she realises that the quality of her candidates in each constituency just isn't there. In fact, there is nothing or no one to vote for.

Ultimately, the current crop of DUP candidates is pure voting fodder - lobby-fillers. They offer nothing to their constituents, they bring nothing to the Assembly and, as for the Executive, with the exception of a few former Ulster Unionists, the DUP Assembly group is pointless.

Taking a quick look at the record of the DUP in office is like looking for permanent snow on the proverbial ditch - there is nothing there.

Schools have not improved, our roads have not improved, our healthcare system has not improved. In fact, under DUP/Sinn Fein rule, nothing has improved.

So, why again should I go out and vote for Candidate Nobody or Candidate Useless? Is the only reason so that Arlene can remain in office? Come on, I need more than that; Northern Ireland deserves more than that.

Without it, Arlene, you and your party are not worth even a transfer.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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