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DUP care only for their jobs, not the people

I'M 59 years of age and I've lived and worked in east Belfast all of my life. As far back as I can remember, I have always voted for the DUP.

I always believed that, no matter what might happen, you can be assured that the party of Paisley will not forget about the working man on the street. I was wrong.

I have not seen a DUP representative since the 2010 Westminster election. On the two occasions over the last couple of years when I needed some help and assistance with local issues, my local DUP constituency office was shut, with no sign of anybody inside.

Watching the daily news, it's clear Peter Robinson and his cohorts are more concerned with keeping their highly-paid jobs, whatever the cost, than looking after the hard-working people who elected them. They are only interested in themselves.

For that reason, I will not be voting for the DUP again – and I will be advising the rest of my family and close friends to do the same.



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