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DUP creating division over education stance

I WOULD like to register my alarm and disgust at the continuing moral decline of the DUP. They used to do what is right. Now they do what is politically expedient.

Nowhere is this decline more obvious than in education.

In Upper Bann, they had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide real leadership and unite our community, but they have failed.

By promoting elitism and privilege, they are creating division and opening wounds in our community that might never heal.

They cynically use the Save the Dickson Plan campaign as a front to promote grammar schools.

They don't even make a pretence of treating all our children with equal dignity and respect.

They are prepared to use working-class children as sacrificial lambs in pursuit of the middle-class vote. They have turned their backs on the grassroots who took them from nowhere and put them into power.

Just witness their hypocritical stance towards the flag protesters – this from a party that grew out of street protests and demonstrations. They don't even have a conscience about this, or any sense of shame.

Forty years ago, we took on the all-powerful Unionist Party and, against all odds, we beat them, only to find that we have replaced them with the "New DUP".

They say power corrupts. Climbing the hill at Stormont has taken a lot out of them and that thin air has gone to their heads.


Bleary, Co Armagh

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