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DUP deal with Sinn Fein has had drastic effect on policing

We were told in 2004 by the DUP there was a new breed of unionist in control and no quarter would be given to terrorists.

At the same time, the DUP told us: "If Sinn Fein irreversibly divests themselves of terror and all its means, including its illegal, secret army, then they would be entitled to eat the fruits of democracy and ply politics if they gave up their night job."

Now we have the realisation that policing is practically non-existent and the people of Northern Ireland are being left security-less; this seems to have taken a long time to sink into local politicians, as exemplified by the latest complaints by Dodds and Allister.

There is a simple question these men have to answer, namely: where were they when Judas Patton was acting out his charade of listening to people's opinions on the RUC?

I know where I was, as a former RUC officer recently reminded me that I was right when I challenged Judas Patton in Ballymena Town Hall that the deal had already been done to destroy the RUC, the uniforms had been ordered and that the population would come to regret the destruction of the RUC.

None of the prominent political personalities attended in Ballymena, or if they did, I didn't see or hear them say anything; no Paisley, no Dodds, no Allister; more instances of not just bad judgement, but neglect. Allied, of course, to this neglect, we now have the presence in Government of Dodds and his party colleagues with people like Kelly and McGuinness who were convicted of terrorist offences in the UK/Republic.

But of one thing we can be sure, according to Harry Toan: Jim Allister-led Traditional Unionist Voice candidates will not countenance "terrorists in Government". (Write Back, September 16).

That being the case, perhaps he will be surprised to know the author of the opening paragraph was not Ian snr nor Ian jnr, nor Nigel, but Jim - his party leader - who did campaign for Dodds, Storey and the DUP at the Assembly election - in spite of my warnings that the DUP were going to do a deal with Sinn Fein.




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