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DUP: Gerry Kelly's speech breached MLA code

Before Tom Buchanan MLA pulls his hair out he should have a look at his own side of the street over the past month: so-called "loyal" Orangemen in full regalia on July 12 brutally attacked police, two weeks later loyalist goons attack the police again and the elected mayor and this past weekend loyalist goons brutally attack and injure 56 members of the police. Just who are these so-called loyal "Christian" Orangemen and loyalist goons loyal to?


It was a fine speech and could very well be learned in school in future years. Whether some people like it or not, all the men did was give up their lives for the freedom of Ireland. And they are not being honoured for bombing anything, or killing anyone, but for dying, or being murdered, themselves (in most cases).


Islandman32: They died trying to murder people. That's the difference.


Islandman32: They did a lot of people a big favour. There are many people alive today who went on to marry, have children and grandchildren, because those two died by their own hand before they could carry out mass-murder.


Ribtickler: Do you condemn the murder of civilians by the UVF. Do you condemn the UVF parade in October? Or are your people the chosen people?


Saontacht: It's not the UVF's fault their organisation was not as riddled with traitors and touts willing to hand their 'friends' to the security forces for a few quid. Freethinker09

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