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DUP has failed at every turn

Welcome to the real world, Tom Smith. In his latest missive (Write Back, March 9), Tom basically tells us the UUP idea of a negotiated Programme for Government prior to the allocation of posts is a good one, but because negotiations involve that horrible word 'compromise', we shouldn't do it.

He further goes on to rant about the UUP's negotiation skills - ignoring the reality that, for the last eight years, we have had DUP domination and all the recent negotiations were their ineptitude.

It was the UUP, in 1998, that secured the Union via the principle of consent.

It was the UUP that enabled the restoration of devolution and it was the UUP that created the peaceful conditions we now enjoy.

Blame where blame is due: the DUP has been in charge and they have failed at every opportunity.


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