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DUP has let down the Protestant community

I SEE Peter Robinson is telling unionists to drop their siege mentality and stop living in the past now that the Union is secure.

For unionists that might be true at the moment. But for Protestants the reverse is true.

As far as the Union is concerned, it is not our priority. What concerns us most is the moral and spiritual decline within our community.

Our community is currently in meltdown and we – who used to regard the DUP as our natural home – have been left to shift for ourselves.

The Protestant community has no alternative now but to pull itself up by its bootstraps, regroup and try to find another way forward.

We used to be able to look to the DUP for leadership, but Ian Paisley has gone and the party has chosen a different path – saving the Union at all cost.

We now have to make our way back to where the DUP left us and find our own path – saving the Protestant community (and, no, it's not the same thing).

The Protestant community needs to distance itself from politicians, lay aside their differences and come together to promote their culture and revitalise our community.

We have lost our soul and we need to find it again. The Catholic community are doing it, but they are up for it. I'm not sure we are made of the same stuff.

We used to be, but that's the soul we lost.


Bleary, Co Armagh

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