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DUP has no mandate for terrorist immunity

THERE is an incredible irony that the DUP, which castigated David Trimble and the UUP for agreeing to the early-release scheme for convicted criminals, now seem prepared to give non-convicted criminals immunity from prosecution (News, December 13).

Where, in any DUP manifesto, did they ever tell their supporters that a vote for the DUP wold be a vote for immunity for terrorists?

Which part of Peter Robinson's recent party political broadcast told us the DUP would seek to stop terrorists from facing the courts?

Slowly, but surely, the trundle of the greatest perversion of justice in Northern Ireland is beginning to pick up speed.

Was it really a coincidence that the Attorney General wanted an amnesty? Is it coincidence that the leaks from the Haass talks focus on immunity?

Are Sammy Wilson's recent comments about meeting the needs of victims not really part of the choreography?

Be prepared to hear the DUP quislings blame others, while mouthing "immunity will not be an amnesty".

When David Trimble backed the early-release scheme in 1998, at least he had the decency and bravery to put his proposals to the people. Will Peter Robinson be as brave? The DUP said David Trimble was weak. But how weak do you have to be to give the IRA immunity?

Answer: as weak as the DUP in power with Sinn Fein.



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