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DUP hits back at Bishop over integrated schools

Circa 7% of children here are educated in integrated schools which were set up because the required number of Catholic parents ignored their Church's teaching that Catholic children should be taught in its schools.

The latest poll saying that most parents would support integrated schools can be put to the test by parents themselves in schools seeking transformation from Catholic Maintained to integrated by specific ballots recognised by the Dept of Education. Politicians are not needed to effect change as parents can do so themselves.


This whole thing is a smokescreen. It masks how incompetent your MLAs are. It gives you something else to think about and complain about. The reality is there will always be Catholic schools in Northern Ireland.


Children should always be told the truth and not some biased version of history. Special interest subjects should be learned in a student's own time if they wish. At a lot of schools at the present time there is a wide choice of games. In any democracy there should be a choice and faith schools but not at the expense of the taxpayer.


We already share schools. What we have here is a more crap from the politicians to try and take the eye of the real issue, the poor performance of an entire educational sector particularly for working- class children.


Dr McKeown obviously feels a bit threatened and that he is perhaps losing the segregated education argument and therefore is resorting 'upping the ante' by making silly allegations/remarks aimed at rallying the Catholic faithful and indeed provoking Protestant into making nasty comments or provoking both to think tribally again.

He is being angrily defensive and divisive, hardly a Christian trait, but what's that when historic church power and influence are at stake. That the ultimate horror of Catholic and Protestant children sharing a school desk will 'never never never', happen. Not on my watch, says Dr McKeown!


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