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DUP is finally waking up to bias of the BBC

So, the Democratic Unionist Party, slow learners in the public relations forum, have woken up to the notion that the BBC might be somewhat biased. Well, hello.

Anyone with an ounce of intellect must have gleaned that this organisation - well-subsidised by compulsory licence fees - has attained a supremacy more in keeping with a one-party state.

Even the most benign listener cannot fail to be aware of the BBC's prejudices, such as an incessant pro-European Union spiel, pro-mass immigration, scornful of Christian belief and unremittingly anti-Trump. With its massive resources from the public purse, the organisation has a responsibility to present impartial news free from its own agenda.

As if confirmation was required, in 2006 respected BBC presenter Andrew Marr stated: "The BBC is not impartial, or neutral. It is a publicly funded organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias, not so much a political bias. It's better expressed as a cultural liberal bias."

Well, Andrew, you can now add political bias to your list and I suggest it is not a healthy development when one organisation can wield so much cultural power.

wilson burgess


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