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DUP is fooling no-one with its stance on Maze

The DUP's decision to perform a U-turn on the Maze Conflict Centre is to be greatly welcomed but I do have to say that a lot of the coverage of the U-turn suggests that they are still very close to Sinn Fein.

They are attempting to square their position now with their position in April when none of them contradicted Peter Robinson's claim that opponents of the project should be led off by "men in white coats". Nor did they contradict a DUP MLA for Lagan Valley who later that month claimed there was "no local opposition to the Maze or the buildings within it".

Did we hear anyone in the DUP disagree when, as a party, they issued a statement saying they were "mystified" by the Orange Order's stance on the issue and attacked the Institution?

Most tellingly of all I didn't hear anyone in the DUP come out and say Edwin Poots was wrong when he announced in March that the party had made a "corporate decision" to back the project. The Oxford Dictionary defines corporate as "of, belonging to, or united in a group".

Yet now some in the DUP would have us believe that they are untarnished by this.

The DUP would have us believe that Castlederg forced them to reconsider their support for the Maze Shrine. Well there are some of us who didn't need an IRA parade a few weeks ago to remind us of what Sinn Fein are like.

Alex Elliott

TUV Fermanagh

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