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DUP is only interested in getting its own way

THE low-key launch of the DUP's election manifesto (News, February 21) confirmed what is already front and centre in election literature coming through our doors: never mind the DUP's five-point plan to improve Northern Ireland's economic and social wellbeing, the only thing that matters is keeping Sinn Fein as unionism's bogeyman.

Arlene Foster said that her party, post-election, did not want to construct any red lines or barriers to the restoration of the Executive. This, I assume, is based on the DUP being the largest party in the Assembly.

Should Sinn Fein become the largest party, would the DUP go into government with it? I suspect the answer to that is a firm "never, never, never". In short, the future for the DUP must always be on its terms.


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