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DUP lacks numbers and maturity to interest Cameron

A call was made by Tory MP Peter Bone on Tuesday night for the DUP to replace the Lib Dems in coalition. Fortunately, for the sake of the country, this is impossible for two reasons.

Firstly, the figures simply don't add up: 57 cannot be replaced by eight.

The increase in numbers from 305 to 313 would be of no benefit to the Government. Secondly, and more importantly, the DUP lacks the political maturity to be invited into real government. Squabbling with Sinn Fein and causing delays to publication of Government documents are examples that spring to mind.

And let's not forget that the DUP have spent the past 18 months blaming 'Tory cuts' for all the economic difficulties facing Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, displaying a fatal lack of awareness of worldwide economic circumstances.

Furthermore, while the DUP leader talks of a shared future and of inclusiveness, DUP MP Sammy Wilson makes inappropriate jokes about nationalists.

Why then would the Conservative Party opt for coalition partners who would on most issues disagree with the Government line and, in some cases, fail to agree on a party line?

While the DUP may have had the support of the Government benches, I can't help but agree with Mr Cameron that it is a "Parliamentary rarity" for the DUP to propose any motion that the Government could possibly support.


Jordanstown, Co Antrim

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