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DUP must live in real world over economy

While like many people I would love to see no rise in university tuition fees, no water charges and a reduction of corporation tax to 10%, I actually live in the real world and accept that no money in means no money out.

For any political party to suggest that Northern Ireland can have an 'economic utopia', with low taxes, and still provide the major service improvements required simply defies logic.

Northern Ireland cannot expect to be the "low tax region of the UK". Nor can it expect to grow without properly funded universities, infrastructure improvements and investments in jobs within a mature, realistic fiscal structure.

The DUP manifesto is a mix of economic aspiration, delusion and fantasy. Yes, we can promise either low taxation or high investment, but we can't have both.

If the last Budget round taught Northern Ireland anything, it surely must be that in the future we must be increasingly self-reliant. If this is the reality, then it's about time our leading politicians and political parties reflected and planned for that challenge.




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