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DUP needs reality check over 'fairytale' claims

I HAVE always believed that the DUP (and particularly their spin-doctors) live in a parallel universe - a place where no other political party exists, where reality need not enter and where all achievements are theirs and all failures belong to everyone else.

A quick glance at their most recent fairytale publication, 40 Achievements In Four Years, will prove my point.

Apparently, they delivered free prescriptions, the extension to Altnagelvin Hospital, investments in the schools estate, 1,800 new social homes and a myriad of jobs.

But hold on: was health not the responsibility of the UUP? Was social housing not the SDLP's responsibility? Was Caitriona Ruane not responsible for education?

As for jobs, surely it would be more honest to report that in the last four years unemployment has virtually doubled.

So what can Peter's band of merry ministers take credit for? There are few positives, but there are some monumental failures - failure to reform local government (minister Poots), failure to secure any benefits from the 2012 Olympics (minister McCausland), failure to fund a proper Water Service (minister Wilson) and failure to resolve the parading issue (minister Robinson).

All in all, quite pathetic really - and this doesn't deal with the PMS scandal, the ridiculous carve-up to upgrade the sports stadia and failure to properly fund the health service.

While DUP fantasists may wish to trumpet their short-term policies, the reality is the benefits from this are questionable. Self-praise is no recommendation.

Portadown, Co Armagh


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