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DUP only concerned with clinging to power

I have read with interest that our local DUP politicians in Upper Bann are now claiming that they were totally opposed to the Maze Peace Centre all along. It's a pity they didn't state that publicly months ago.

The Upper Bann DUP MP, David Simpson said he "was determined no shrine should be built at the Maze in any shape or form that would add to the deep hurt of victims' families. Grassroots unionists wanted nothing to do with any shrine on that site. The leadership finally listened to the people".

Then we have Peter Robinson in his letter from America to his MLAs and MPs, being quoted as saying, "I am aware that there has been a considerable amount of dishonest campaigning about the Executive's plans for the Maze site. It is always easy to trade in falsehoods about such matters in advance of decisions being made. Given the character of the politicians involved, the intervening period was always going to be used for mischief and cheap, nasty and fraudulent party politics. But then we all know that routine".

I must admit to being taken aback by Mr Robinson's terminology. For him to put that description on those of us who opposed him and the Maze project is hypocrisy in the extreme, not to mention deeply insulting.

It is quite clear that the DUP is in crisis and the daggers are now being pointed at Mr Robinson.

This episode has once again shown the DUP is only concerned with self-preservation and clinging on to power and not doing what's right for Northern Ireland.

Councillor Colin McCusker

Deputy Mayor of Craigavon

Ulster Unionist Party

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