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DUP pair are 'salesmen' for the Maze site

IT'S disappointing to see Jeffrey Donaldson MP and Edwin Poots MLA being reduced to salesmen for the IRA/Sinn Fein project at the Maze, inclusive of an IRA hunger strike shrine.

It's a shrine – no matter what way it's dressed up (as stated by their deputy leader, Nigel Dodds).

They could also refer to the concise Oxford English Dictionary, where it describes and defines a shrine as "a chapel with special associations, a place hallowed by some memory" – the very description and status republicans place on the H-block buildings, as defined in their publications, parades, promotion nights and H-block memorials.

Rather than the DUP addressing the obnoxious and questionable listing protection of an H-block and hospital building, they now feel it's better to attack fellow unionists and several prominent groups, including the Orange Order, RUC GC, Regimental Association of the UDR, RUC Widows Association, the Prison Officers' Association and 15 innocent victims' groups who have called for the conflict transformation centre to be scrapped on the Maze site.

It's also disingenuous for them to try to gain public favour by appearing to consult and take a popular stance, yet making little effort to implement that position.

They are merely paying lip-service to innocent victims as they enact and play out the IRA/Sinn Fein spin to promote the project despite overwhelming opposition.


Hillsborough, Co Down

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