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DUP seem to be relying on SF 'bogeyman' again

I have just received the DUP's election leaflet through the post. As it has two prominent photos of Gerry Adams, I had to check that it wasn't, in fact, a Sinn Fein leaflet.

Is the DUP so devoid of policies and self-confidence that it must always rely on a SF "bogeyman" for votes?

In doing so, it treats the electorate like children - mention Gerry Adams 12 times in a speech and they'll be queuing up to vote for us.

It should be obvious to every voter that all political parties must follow its leadership - ask Jonathan Bell.

But it is the hypocrisy that goes with this that is worse - vote for us and we will jump into government with the "bogeyman" at the first opportunity. The other parties are mature enough not to refer to the DUP as "Arlene Foster/DUP" (which would be even more scary).


Saintfield, Co Down

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