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DUP should run in Scotland to raise their profile

The DUP are undoubtedly right to protest at their exclusion from the national televised debate in the run-up to the Westminster elections.

However, were they to field a half-dozen candidates in Scotland, for example, then their case would be unassailable.

Moreover, the cost of fielding these candidates would surely be justified by the prestige of appearing in these national debates alongside the Prime Minister.

Furthermore, this raised profile for the DUP could even lead to one or more of their candidates in Scotland actually getting elected.

Certainly, in Scotland, there is almost no chance that the Tories would get elected and the DUP might even serve as a kind of Tory proxy - given their current, business-friendly stance.

And one final bonus might be that the raised profile could allow the DUP to retake the East Belfast seat as well.

And all for the price required to field a half-dozen candidates in Scotland. It's a no-brainer.



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