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DUP shouldn't assume an easy ride in the polls

In their letter (Write Back, April 10), Peter Robinson et al appear to be saying that the calibre of their candidates - their ability to deliver - does not matter, as we can trust the DUP to do what is best for Northern Ireland.

I suggest, however, that voters ought rather to be asking themselves if the DUP, on past form, deserve the blank cheque they are asking people to give them at the polls, given their weakness for sectarian pacts and inflammatory leaflets (which are definitely not in people's best interests).

Also, although Lady Hermon may, or may not, be taken in by talk of "nothing personal" by the DUP, surely an election is personal in that political representatives are individuals and voters are entitled to have some basis for judging the merit of one individual candidate over another?

The DUP are living in the past if they don't trust people to think for themselves come polling day.



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