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DUP starting to show traits of old unionists

ARLENE Foster, in a speech to North Antrim Young Democrats, made a scathing attack on the paralysis of unionist opposition to the New DUP.

She said - and I quote: "The UUP has lost its way under Mike Nesbitt"; "the TUV is a one-man band"; "the Opposition at Stormont is a shambles". Unfortunately, it is difficult to refute these claims and our community is the worse for it.

I hasten to add the New DUP are cuckoos, who have taken over the DUP nest. If you listen carefully, they make a different sound and live off another bird's labours. As the New DUP moves to the liberal-Left, it will attract converts from other unionist parties and some will welcome this as a move towards unionist unity. They should be careful what they wish for.

Those old enough to remember the 1960s remember a Unionist Party characterised by self-serving career politicians, many elected unopposed. The DUP was formed to challenge this, hold them to account and provide an effective Opposition. Today, we have Mike Nesbitt and the Tooting Popular Front.

The New DUP has become complacent and arrogant. This is dangerous for democracy, because unchallenged, it gives them an exaggerated sense of their own importance and the additional capacity to do irreparable damage.

Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in Upper Bann, where they have taken ownership of the Dickson Plan and continue to demonstrate how little they know about education. This could have catastrophic consequences for the Protestant community.

The unionist "Opposition" haven't noticed and continue to potter about.

Mrs Foster may be right when she says the DUP is winning the war for hearts and minds. The jury is still out. But they won't win the peace.

Anyone looking closely at our community will realise that, morally and spiritually, we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction.


Portadown, Co Armagh

Row blowing hot and cold on climate change

IF Alan Love (Write Back, October 7) wishes to debate climate change, he should brush up his GCSE physics.

He uses the Thermos flask analogy to suggest that the current climate change model requires heat to flow from warm to cooler. This shows his basic lack of understanding.

You put warm liquid into a Thermos flask and then seal it from further energy input. However, the earth is an open system, where the sun's energy continues to enter at a more or less constant rate.

If you increase the efficiency of insulation, while maintaining a constant addition of energy, you certainly will get an increase in global temperature, without breaking the laws of physics.

Does Mr Love really think that he has more understanding than the scientists who model the earth's energy flows?



Not all women want abortion law change

I HAVE read several articles in the Belfast Telegraph in recent days which are in favour of changing the law on abortion here.

I would hope that, in the interests of fair journalism, you will publish an equal number of articles from women in favour of maintaining the status quo.

We have recently been amazed by and have applauded participants in the Paralympics. Yet more and more women are choosing to kill their unborn babies if they are told they might be disabled - even if that disability is only a hare lip.

And the great majority of abortions are for "social reasons", rather than any disability at all, according to statistics.

How can a civilised country legalise the deliberate killing of an unborn human being simply because it is not wanted?

Surely, a cursory glance at what has happened on the mainland since 1967 should warn what occurs once the law is expanded.

Do we really want to see 16-year-olds, who have had four abortions, here?

All human life has value - not just the ones we decide we want.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

Is work of Ukip MEPs in Europe not done?

I HAVE just one question following the alleged assault on Steven Woolfe by a fellow Ukip MEP: why, exactly, are Ukip MEPs still attending the European Parliament?

Surely, having got the outcome they wanted from the referendum, their work is now done?


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