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DUP victory is nothing more than false dawn

Following the success of the DUP in the recent election, I would like to fill in a few blanks that are becoming increasingly characteristic of that party.

People still haven't caught on that its core values died with its founder and creator, who had taken it from nowhere to defeat the unionist Establishment.

His successor inherited a party that had a distinct identity and spoke for the Protestant working class. A very different political animal, he decided to change direction, create a new image and marginalising all opposition.

People we once respected simply rolled over, fell into line and even purred as he scratched behind their ears.

Having subdued the opposition, he started to create an idol in his own image. It was a creature that was all things to all men.

As he anticipated, the community mirrored his image and was drawn to it. Many of your readers will, no doubt, see similarities in all this with another story.

Where does all this leave the UUP? Their best talents, like moths to a flame, have been drawn to the DUP and this has shifted its focus. Now, dressed in the garments of liberal unionism, they all look the same.

The DUP has created an image of so many composite parts that it contains within it the seeds of its own destruction. This party has been set on a new course. Even a different leader won't change that.

A DUP victory at the polls is just a false dawn. It has very little to offer a community that has lost its way and needs to pull itself up by its bootstraps, return to its roots and slay the monster which the politicians have created.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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