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DUP want to profit from double jobbing

The use of a petition of concern - alternatively known as a cross community vote, by the DUP to stop double-jobbing between local councils and the Assembly is nothing short of an abuse of the Assembly voting system and is a declaration of failure by the party.

The DUP, having failed to win the argument to allow its members to profit by double jobbing, resorts to a grubby procedural scheme to frustrate the democratic will of the Assembly.

Every DUP member who signed the petition of concern, especially those who are councillors and thus have a financial interest in maintaining the status quo, should be named and shamed.

This paper should publish, again, the financial advantage each DUP MLA will receive from stifling this bill and actively remind the electorate, particularly in the run up to May's local election, that by voting for the identified members, the electorate will be paying these so-called politicians twice for doing one job.

Setting this alongside DUP calls for efficiency, pay freezes and austerity, this money-grab by councillor MLAs is truly disgusting.

No MLA that stands for council should receive one vote and if the Assembly won't stop them then we, the electorate, should.




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