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DUP 'won't let republicans take ministry'

The Ulster Unionists's refusal to back the deal on policing and justice has shown their true political colours.

They have just reinforced what many already know to be true; that they are still a party ready to roll out concessions to republicans.

Amazingly, one of their main gripes with this good, solid DUP deal is the fact that the policing and justice ministry didn't go to a republican.

The Ulster Unionists are bemoaning the fact that d'Hont wasn't run to select this minister and, therefore, enabling the SDLP to claim the role.

While some may be deluded into thinking that the SDLP are 'nice' republicans, the reality is different. The SDLP are a party that, if the Ulster Unionists had their way and allowed them to take the policing and justice post, would extend the discriminatory 50/50 Patten rule for at least another 15 years.

The SDLP would seek to have gardai on the streets of Northern Ireland and work to establish an all-Ireland justice system.

These are the policies Ulster Unionists would rather see implemented instead of supporting the DUP's deal.

Indeed, because of the unique cross-community lock on the ministry, any candidate must gain the approval of unionists. Thankfully, with the DUP in charge we don't have to worry about a republican taking that role.


Donaghadee, Co Down


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