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DUP wrong to talk about respect for all religions

IN 1957, during Dublin's first theatre festival, religious zealots, conspiring with organs of the Irish state, attempted, but failed to have the Tennessee Williams play The Rose Tattoo banned.

However, there was more drama off stage than on. During the play, reference was made to a condom. No condom was produced, just referred to.

This was enough to have the producer, Alan Simpson, arrested and charged with "producing for gain an indecent and profane performance".

Almost 60 years later, in spite of the multi-cultural and multi-faith society we have evolved into, the zealots and bigots are still active.

Criticising Newtownabbey Borough Council's decision to reverse its previous decision to ban the Reduced Shakespeare Company, DUP councillor Pamela Barr said "mocking some other religious groups or faith" would not be tolerated and there had to be equality "for all not just some". (News, January 28).

May I remind Ms Barr that Catholics and the Catholic faith have been mocked and insulted by many in the unionist/Protestant community for decades.

We still have papal flags and holy statues burned atop Orange bonfires, Orange Order bands play sectarian tunes as they pass Catholic churches and some bandsmen have even taken to urinating against churches. If this behaviour was aimed at any other religion, race or culture, there would be international outcry.



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