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DUP's attitude towards Pride no real surprise

Yet again I am disappointed, dismayed, but not surprised by the attitudes and behaviour of a small minority of the population in Northern Ireland towards the Belfast Gay Pride Parade. I am referring in particular to Mr Jim Wells of the DUP and also to Rev Philip Campbell, whose letter was published in Writeback on July 27.

The DUP's refusal to attend Pride on the Hill was to be expected. However, Mr Wells' message to a member of the Belfast Pride Committee was totally unacceptable and needlessly cruel.

It would not be considered acceptable by any other political party in the UK and demonstrates that the DUP is still archaic in its attitudes towards the LGBT Community.

I question how any member of the LGBT Community in Northern Ireland could vote for the DUP - and I further question how the DUP feels it can afford to alienate a substantial portion of voters.

The support shown from the members of the public at Belfast Pride over the years refutes his allegation that homosexuality is "something which most ordinary folk find distasteful".

I completely reject his statement that "the acceptance of homosexuality also misleads young people, undermines marriage... and damages society".

I am confident that tomorrow Belfast Pride will be a wonderful celebration of diversity, culture and community spirit.




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