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DUP's policies will not serve the electorate

I am writing in response to John Hiddleston's letter of April 1. I'm rather bemused that the DUP has obviously selected me as the main focus of its letter writing campaign. Are the DUP so lacking in confidence that they feel the need to continually attack me?

Hiddleston stated that a strong group of DUP representatives in a closely contested House of Commons would be a good thing for Northern Ireland.

This confirms my concerns that the DUP is advocating a hung parliament. In reality, such a situation would cause political instability in the United Kingdom.

I want to be part of the next UK government, defending Northern Ireland's budget allocation as strongly as possible. Marginalised groups of MPs - all that the DUP can offer - will have very little influence in this process.


Conservatives & Unionists candidate

South Belfast


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