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DUP's policing move is just a gift to Sinn Fein

I Note that in recent weeks, Jeffrey Donaldson MP has attacked the principled stand taken by TUV against the transfer of policing and justice powers from Westminster to the Executive.

It's interesting to hear how he and his new-found DUP friends spin out the false and questionable benefits of such a transfer.

Jeffrey's utterances are obviously from a man who is attempting to portray to his diminishing electoral base that all is well.

How wrong he is. One only has to refer to Junior Minister Gerry Kelly launching the Communities and Policing in Transition Programme on October 26 which, at face value, was a project aimed at engagement between our communities. However, the inter-community project is expanded to cover cross-border bodies including both the PSNI and the Garda Siochana.

This is but one aspect of the outworking of the Sinn Fein and DUP partnership which proves - if proof were needed - that Jeffrey and Co are in denial about how they have gifted - and will continue to gift - Sinn Fein the ability to control, veto, and incorporate their all-Ireland party strategy.

A strategy which, at its core, is dependent on the transfer of policing and justice powers from London - an action which, if enacted, cannot be reversed.

What a legacy to befall the DUP.




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