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DUP's taxing issue

Peter Robinson's first outing after being elected as the DUP's new leader saw the fanfare of Brian Cowen's 'Finance Jobs Moving North'.

They tell us it is a 'win win' — corporation tax paid in Ireland, income tax paid in the UK.

However behind the special advisers' spin, it transpires that an Irish registered company establishing a subsidiary in Northern Ireland will have a massive tax advantage over a Northern Ireland-based company paying corporation tax at the full United Kingdom rate. This is hardly fair for home-grown companies trying to compete with their southern neighbours who don't want to relocate their HQ to the Republic of Ireland.

DUP may have lost its argument with Gordon Brown and Sir David Varney on reducing Northern Ireland's rate of corporation tax, but it didn't need to resort to undermining both our indigenous industry and the union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Chairman, Edenderry Ulster Unionist Association

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