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DUP/Sinn Fein branded 'silly moos' over cow parade

The idiots we have elected in Stormont keep giving us something to beef about. They have lost their sense of reality. Now they are losing our much-needed money. Who bets that, come the next fall of snow, they will not be able to afford to grit the roads. Truly a bunch of silly moos.


Our MLAs wasting money? Pull the udder one.


Long_Quiche: I reckon they have mad cows' disease. Or else they have a 'steak' in it.


Caspercassie: Yes, they should spend all day making pointless posts on the Tele site - just like you.


Peninsul: for two cents, I'd give you a piece of my mind and all of yours.


Maybe it's a 'mooot' point, but they both seem to be milking this. And all opposition has been cowed (or buttered up?). I take it the biggest display will be in Dairy? All a bit cheesy, if you ask me.


If it generates money, then it's a no-brainer to bring it here. Ignore the whingers.


I stumbled on the Cow Parade in Warsaw a few years ago and it's brilliant. Not only will these cows be a tourist attraction, if they are done well they'll lift the spirits of all of us. Trudging around town in the rain will be a lot brighter if there's some cool cows to keep us amused. And they are a great tourist attraction. Bring them on.

Belfast Koala

When is this to happen? Hope I can get to see it. Better than the big wheel; everybody's got one of them at the moment.


Just hold up there a minute - people are going to come to Northern Ireland to see 10 plastic painted and four mini-moos? You couldn't make it up (except somebody just did).



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