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Eamonn Holmes's flag and anthem call for Northern Ireland is right


In reference to your story "Holmes: NI needs a flag, anthem and president" on April 14, written by Jonny Bell.

I feel that Eamonn Holmes is finally voicing the opinions of many in this small nation that we need to be proud of our Northern Irish nationality regardless of politics and religion. He simply wants a symbol that Northern Irish people can identify with and stand behind.

Why should England, Scotland and Wales be able to have such a symbol but NI cannot, simply because people find it too difficult to remove religion and politics from the equation and focus only on this beautiful section of the world that we live.

I may seem naive but the people of Northern Ireland are united by geography regardless of religion or politics and therefore I think a flag, an anthem and a president is an excellent idea as I am very proud to be Northern Irish.

Kathryn Armstrong


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