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East Belfast needs an MP to deliver for public

I have lived in east Belfast all my life, through the depression in the 1930s, the war, the Troubles and the millennium. I've seen many elections, seen Stormont collapse on and off. I have seen MPs and MLAs come and go. But east Belfast just gets poorer each time.

Many people now have to depend on food banks. It is worse than the depression. Have any of these MPs brought in any inward investment into east Belfast to replace those industries which have long gone? No.

Instead, we just get call-centres paying peanuts. Our children and grandchildren cannot live on low wages. They need proper jobs and a future.

The DUP and UUP are just Tories in another guise. They do not really care about the poor, the jobless, the Protestant working class. They only care about being returned to their cosy, safe seats.

Now there is talk of a general election, the people of east Belfast can tell the present useless lot of MPs what we really think of them. I hope there is a shock in store for them all.

We need someone who will deliver real change. We don't want the politicians of the past - we want politicians of the future.

william moffat


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