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Easter Rising parade in Belfast

The imitation Thompson has no place today in any parade. Move on. Orange or green parading, we could do without both. Yet again, we are looking back at the past, ignoring the need to build a new future. Parades are a curse, and worse, when they have paramilitary trappings.


The people taking part in that parade are an absolute disgrace. Really sad to see young children being indoctrinated with republican propaganda.


Get rid of all this paramilitary stuff, and the Orange Order marches with swords and pikes etc. It's just sooooo yesteryear.


To be honest I left Northern Ireland a long time ago and I have no interest in the us and them politics. I always liked reading the BT and still do. The picture reminds me a bit of the TV show Boardwalk Empire. I mean no offence to the woman, I guess it's the weapon that she is holding that makes me think this.


I've never understood the need to continually commemorate an event which eventually led to someone else's independence.


Just what this place needs, another parade, which ultimately feeds division and bigotry and makes us look a laughing stock across the world. Time for these shows of political aggression under the guise of remembering a battle/rebellion held long ago to be consigned to the history books.


Could they not just have worn suits and laid wreaths in dignity? How sad to see some people still feel the need to portray a paramilitary presence on parades, demonstrating nothing other than division when we should be working for unity.


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