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Eastwood must explain decision over Derry jobs

I WAIT to hear SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood explain how his colleague, Mark H Durkan, elected by the people of Derry, announced he is moving jobs to Coleraine.

It is less than three weeks since Mr Eastwood got very exercised at the fact that Martin McGuinness, who is not elected by the people of Derry, supported the creation of an enterprise zone in Coleraine.

Mr Eastwood now needs to raise the same questions as to why the SDLP is moving jobs when Derry, his words, "has the greater economic need". His answer will let people determine whether his outburst against Mr McGuinness was genuine concern for the people of Derry, or a cheap attempt by the SDLP to influence voters on the eve of an election.



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