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Eco Energy customers get raw deal

I read with interest Douglas McIldoon’s letter (Writeback, October 13) and it prompted me to write regarding the state of the Eco Energy tariff.

In a personal capacity, our household has been signed up to NIE’s Eco Energy tariff from it’s early inception and as such, elected to pay a premium of £1 a week extra for the ‘privilege’ of using 100% green energy.

This situation has carried on for many years but I am now unsure whether the recently announced price increases (blamed predominantly on rising fuel costs) should actually (and morally) be allowed to be applied to Eco Energy customers, who after all, have been paying a premium to ensure they receive their power from the wind which, last time I checked, hasn’t seen the same price hikes as fossil fuels.

I can accept the notion that some price increase is inevitable for ‘transmission’ costs etc, but surely the element of the price increase that is specifically attributed to the increased cost of fuel should not be applied to the Eco Energy customers.

I trust in Mr McIldoon’s review that he will be able to address this issue on behalf of the Eco Energy pioneers — it would be poetic justice if the Eco Energy tariff actually were to become the cheapest form of electricity available.

The stampede for 100% green energy would then truly be under way.

If NIE complain that this would open the floodgates and that they would be unable to sustain the supply of Eco Energy then, as an interim (until renewables caught up with demand), at least the existing Eco Energy customers should be recognised as having a case for ‘reduced’ (that should read ‘non-increased’) tariffs.

I would welcome more debate on this subject in the local media as to date, it seems, the idea of green energy being exempt from rising (fossil) fuel costs has got somewhat lost in the general malaise and resignation of the people over “inevitable” fuel cost rises.



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