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Economic gain is what many illegal aliens really seek

In the not-too-distant past, when our country and way of life was threatened by foreign military invasion, all the resources of the state were employed by air, land and sea to defend our territorial integrity and to prevent us from being swamped by alien intruders and the German jackboot.

Now, in the madhouse of political correctness, a time when our desperately overstretched public services are clearly unable to cope with the current numbers of newcomers, instead of proper and lasting solutions, we are now being told that we "need to do our fair share" and take in more economic migrants/asylum seekers.

What is "fair" about people passing through various completely safe countries before eventually deigning to claim asylum in states where they perceive they will get more economic opportunities, such as Britain?

Instead of craven capitulation to emotional blackmail, all illegal aliens already here need to be brought into holding camps, so they can be properly dealt with.

The borders need to be adequately secured and serious penalties introduced for organised people-smugglers. This would help concentrate the minds of those who would abuse our territorial integrity and stability.


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