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Economy 7 not that economic or efficient

I would like to know how Power NI expects to make a profit when it penalises those who use it most – customers like myself and many others.

I refer to Economy 7, which I have been using for 21 years without realising that the regular standing charge refers only to Economy 7 and not ordinary customers who don't use the Economy 7 system.

I depend on Economy 7 for all my energy resources and yet I am told by Power NI that I should be paying this extra charge because of the nightly hours and the reduced price.

I would point out that the Economy 7 full use system is less efficient than other energy sources in that all heating has to be done overnight.

And to top it up during the day would incur full charges.

I have to get up at 6am to do all my cooking before the cheap rate ends and can only afford to heat one room.

I have persisted with this system instead of using oil or gas, but if this practice of penalising users continues – without any rational explanation – there will be few customers who will not switch to other energy sources.

I certainly would have to reconsider my own position after so many years as a loyal customer.

Alex Dahn (Mrs)


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