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Economy isn't the problem - it's laziness

We are always being reminded about the state of the economy in Northern Ireland and how unfair it is that the Republic has lower corporation tax and lower air tax duty.

Maybe this is all an excuse.

My experience in dealing with Northern Ireland companies is that the staff are, to put it bluntly, lazy.

Here is an example. I am self-employed. I have customers. I ordered print products from a Co Antrim company on a Friday.

Unable to order online, I telephoned and was put on hold for two minutes before I was able to place the order.

As it was a Friday, I was told the order would not be processed until Monday at the earliest.

After several telephone calls, I eventually received the package - by the following Thursday afternoon.

The following Sunday, I ordered further print products online from a company in England at 11pm.

I received an email confirmation the following morning and the product arrived on Tuesday by private courier - less than 48 hours after I placed the order.

This tells me that NI PLC is definitely not open for business. I will in future conduct my business with GB PLC.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim


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