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Ed Curran: Unity is the way forward

Many luxuries we experience today are funded and provided by the UK. I really fail to see any advantage of independence, or of uniting with the Republic. The way forward is stability.


Cult_Creature: Do you not think it a bit odd that someone else has to fund your lifestyle? Or that Northern Ireland has gone from a place known for industry and entrepreneurship to a place known for public sector employment and handouts to quasi-paramilitaries?


Cult_Creature: Ever thought of (gasp) getting off your knees and trying to stand on your own feet?


Europephile: Ever thought of getting off your high horse? Do you adapt the same attitude to the parts of Ireland that are subsidised by Dublin?


8Billion: Let me get this straight. The people in Cork and Galway are as scared to death that they will be dumped by Dublin as Northern Ireland is scared it will be dumped by London? Do tell. On second thoughts, don't bother.


Interesting personal article from Ed. One indisputable fact is that the world has moved on and shown radical change since 1912. When one observes the violence, division and 'religious' hatred that has disfigured Northern Ireland, surely it's even more imperative that we learn to walk together towards a better future - whatever form it takes?


"People did not have the academic opportunities of 2012, but jobs for young people, like my father, were much more plentiful - even if lowly-paid. Protestants had first call on jobs in the mills and shipyards." If true, no wonder nationalists were bitter with British rule.


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