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Ed Curran: War of words over McArdle appointment

This salary is not only outrageous, it is obscene. The Assembly should be completely transparent with regard to who is employed, be they an MLA, clerk, doorman, special adviser or whatever. Their salaries should be clearly stated and available for scrutiny. There should be clear guidelines spelt out, and made available to the public, as to why any 'special adviser' is required by a minister; in what circumstances the advice is sought and the qualifications and experience of the 'adviser' selected made public. If such advisers are needed, they should be appointed in a fair and open manner. Giving jobs to chums or fellow party members should never be tolerated and should be made illegal.


Sodafarl: I agree. Unfortunately, we now have the foxes in charge of the hen house, so the appointment of old pals, and hangers-on is likely to continue unabated. The only recourse for the rest of us is through our votes. This should be made a major issue at elections and those who won't listen should be booted out of office.


McFartle Industries, global leaders in providing training solutions for the unadvertised job sector, would like to point out that fairness and equality are at the heart of our corporate ethos. This can clearly be seen in our vision statement: 'Jobs for the boys. Jobs for the girls.'

McFartle Industries

This whole column is a fiction. McArdle is a hero. She defended the Catholics from the overwhelming oppression by the Protestant majority supported by their London masters. So, no, our people do support keeping Ms McArdle. It is only the typical propaganda of the loyalists who want otherwise. Soon, the Catholic majority will vote for the reunification of Ireland and we won't have to listen to this kind of imperial whining anymore.


Never was one of your innocent relatives killed, I suppose? I haven't read such an insensitive comment for a long time.



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