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Ed Curran: We're not polls apart over border

Ed, your wishful thinking in regard to political change is misguided. Moderate Catholics do not like the unionist parties' sectarian baggage.

Newspapers and favoured political parties love opinion polls, but only one poll counts and there's one coming soon in Mid Ulster. I guess, Ed, you are already writing an article to explain why the people of Mid Ulster voted the way they did.

Eamon Corbett

Eamon Corbett: Ah, right. So if a majority of people in Mid Ulster vote for united Ireland parties, that means there is massive support for a united Ireland.


"An increasing number, now close to one-in-five, thinks of themselves as Northern Irish." This isn't really true, as polls going back to the 1960s and 1970s have always consistently shown people picking a provincial identity. The difference is media coverage.


Eamonn McCann: No change in DUP's attitude to gays

They wouldn't be the DUP if they started changing this and that. Same as Sinn Fein. We are who we are.

T J McClean

The reality is far more palatable than the delusions the DUP would like to inflict on us all. One of a collective straight-jacket constantly tightened if anything scares them.


Eamonn's next informative piece could be 'people eat chocolate because they like the taste'.

Reality Dawns

Hmm, I think you need to have a little more exegesis of the Bible. It says that all have sinned and that no one can meet God's standards – that is why we need a saviour.


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