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Editor's viewpoint: Shared education will help bridge divide

This is not at all evident, as these polls are meaningless. "Many Catholic parents feel their schools are the best option, but that is a short-sighted argument." No, that's a good stance to keep our Catholic schools. "And there is no reason to believe that a single, integrated education system would prevent education authorities raising standards." And there is no reason to believe it would prevent a lowering of standards either.


Unfortunately, Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Catholic hierarchy wish to maintain the status quo. I wonder what Catholic priests will do when they get to heaven and find that some of the 'other lot' are there, too?

T J McClean

T J McClean: I have a notion that there are going to be a few surprises. Some folk might not end up in the dress circle, as they expected.


Why don't we talk about the big, fat elephant in the room here. The issue is not with Catholic and Protestant children sitting side by side in a classroom, we all want to see that. The issue is what will be taught to those children when they are side by side.


Yahoe_Yahboyee: Fair point. Can anyone who teaches in an integrated school give us any answers?

T J McClean

Integrated education has become a panacea for all our ills. Kids spend their formative years at home prior to school and a fair chunk of time up to age 16. Respect for people is just as basic as good manners and parents have a responsibility to instill both.


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