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Education system needs sorted out once and for all

In reply to Basil McCrea’s comments outlined in Kathryn Torney’s article in the August 3 edition of the Belfast Telegraph about the total confusion in the education system, I, as a parent, have no faith in the politicians to sort this out.

The Education Minister seems to be able to set her own rules and expects everyone to comply to her wishes.

In a previous letter, I had outlined my outrage that children who pay for school meals are at a disadvantage.

There are no strict guidelines, as those who obtain free school meals get automatic entry to grammar schools, and when these children do their entrance test for these schools, they will also get it free.

However, children who pay for their school meals will have to pay £35. Is this legal?

The minister has shown little regard for the children in this, as they will be used as guinea pigs.

We, as parents and a community, must pull together.

We cannot turn to our teachers, who are at the centre of this mess and are in fear of losing their jobs.

We have an Education Minister who said she would put children first under her system, but in actual fact, she has put the children last.

Children are going to be put under more pressure trying to fit in with different tests and teachers will, in some cases, take on private tutoring, or perhaps give up their jobs altogether, because this will be more lucrative for them.

It is time for the politicians to show leadership.

We should not let our children be used in such an outrageous manner.

The politicians are on their long summer break and they should be burning the midnight oil to get it sorted.

If they cannot sort it, bring in a few people with expertise in this field who can.

Geraldine Walsh


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